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000After a short interruption, alongside the payroll and personnel management services, Dr. Gianna Elena De Filippis, Labor Consultant, resumed her comprehensive forensic activity in the field of employment matters and labor issues: mainly, labor proceedings and special anti-discriminatory proceedings.
In defense of workers and businesses and in collaboration with the lawyer Prof. Fabrizio Proietti, important individual and collective legal disputes and litigations are tackled.


  1. Provision of legal assistance to workers to guarantee unavailable rights related to their dignity in the workplace and to support them to appeal the termination of their employment relationship.
  2. High specialization in appealing layoffs related to discriminatory reasons, such as disability, gender, religion, and personal, political and union beliefs.
  3. Participation, against union mandate, in corporate negotiation tables to manage collective dismissals and corporate bargaining, to verify and implement the social safeguard clause related to employment levels, and to start the needed administrative procedures for “Cassa Integrazione Guadagni Straordinaria – CIGS” (Italian redundancy fund in favor of workers suspended from the obligation to perform the work service or who work part-time).
  4. Verification of requirements and assistance in contract change (procurement), demise of a business unit, transfers pursuant to art. 2112 c.c..
  5. Judicial and extrajudicial assistance for individual and collective disputes, including the ones related to violations of the regulations on safety and hygiene in the workplace.
  6. Assistance in cases of mobbing and harassment in the workplace. This service includes advises about legal protection strategies and useful remedies for the safeguard of the mental and physical health, through our specialized collaborators. 
  7. Complete assistance to WOMEN, who have been victims of harassment and discrimination in the workplace and in case of resignation during the "protected" period, pre and post pregnancy.


Judicial and extrajudicial legal assistance for medium and large enterprises in the disputes with employees and in the challenge of official documents issued by the Labor Inspectorate, INPS, INAIL and other bodies appointed to control the compliance with labor, social security and safety rules.
Excellent results have been achieved for large companies, which had been illegally subjected to sanctions by the Labor Inspectorate and INPS. For example, penalties for undeclared work have been entirely annulled.


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