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Sibilla Consulting for Employment advice, Payroll, Labour Lawyer, Trade Unions and Collective Bargaining

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Sibilla Consulting firm has experience in assisting companies about employment advice and personnel management and assisting workers, also in Collective Bargaining.

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Fondazione Prof. Massimo D’Antona ONLUS
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About Us
The staff consists of a consolidated young set, responsible for specific areas and sectors of activity, ranging from technical and operational matters to high counseling activity, including law research and study, lawyer activity across legal jurisdiction, paralegal.

The activities offered by Sibilla Consulting are focused on labour law and its outbuildings.
• Counseling on personnel management, contractual choices and employment contracts drafting : it offers an all-round service for improving the design of management and human resource development within the company. It is proposed, for each specific company, internal plan for the recruitment and placement in the company; then, we study the remuneration policy to be adopted; we manages the relations with trade unions and get the employees in-company training.
• Counseling on Collective Bargaining, Trade Union Relationship, studying negotiation of wages, work rules, complaint procedures, rules governing hiring, firing and promotion of workers, benefits, workplace safety and policies.
• Counseling on the extra-judicial resolution of labour disputes: experienced as a lawyer, Doctor Gianna Elena De Filippis with her counseling manages to avoid litigations and, eventually, she manages them in a conciliatory way. In advance, moreover, the Studio Sibilla Consulting prepares for companies ethics and codes of conduct to which employees must comply to avoid the exercise of disciplinary powers by the employer.
• Counseling on enterprise’s crisis management: nowadays, the corporate crisis causes firm’s deficit and it reduces business turnover; many companies are forced to dismiss their employees to require the intervention of corporate crisis management tools.
Relations with public agencies: there are many statutory requirements that a company must perform in the management of its staff. Our organization provides full support to clients in the relationship with public Italian agencies (INPS, INAIL, Agenzia delle Entrate, Ispettorato del Lavoro, trade unions, other organizations) and also in possible disputes, public inefficiency, instances.
Lawyer activity across legal jurisdiction.
Accounting and Finance departement: As accounting department, Sibilla Consulting provides accounting services and financial support to companies. The department records accounts payable and receivable, inventory, fixed assets and all other financial elements; draft Budget.

Nowadays, among other professional activities, the employement counselor’s role becomes more central in helping businesses and, in general, it becomes as a social institution. The operating business, regardless of its size and its automation, is the backbone of the economy and society. The business company is the site of production of goods and services that people use during daily life. Then it creates a dense network of social, economic, financial, political relations. "Private economic initiative is free. There shall not be inconsistent with the good or in a manner that could damage safety, liberty, human dignity, "as stated in Article 41 of the Italian Constitution (Costituzione italiana 1948). Clearly, in the exercise business, next to the capital represented by movable property and buildings used in the activity to be performed, the human capital is the better. Whatever we do, we can achieve it only through people. People create technology and adapte it to real human needs. The term human capital was coined by Theodore Schultz (USA, Arlington, 1902 - 1998), economist, Nobel Prize in 1979. Nowadays, in the framework, the human capital is the result of several factors:
• individual characteristics made by the person in the job: intelligence, energy, positive attitude, reliability, commitment.
• their ability to learn: readiness, imagination, creativity and what is usually called "street smarts", practical sense.
• their motivation to share information and knowledge: that is team spirit and orientation towards the objectives. The people are, in the corporate context, the only element which has the inherent power to create value. All other variables - cash and receivables, materials, plant and equipment, energy sources - which do not offer much potential aggregates. By their very nature add nothing, and can not add anything except a human being (whether the worker from the lowest level, the most ingenious is the seller or a chief executive) members of that potential and in action. In this context, the employement counselor becomes the instrument of composition of the inherent conflict between the company’s interests and the interests of workers in it. Faced with many distortions on labour law and social security, facing the “jungle of contracts” introduced by Italian legislative decree n. 276/2003 (Legge Biagi), firms are highly unprepared to use contractual instruments in personnel management and they are not capable to avoid penalties arising from legal violations. The final regulatory action has resulted in additional great changes in the labour area (Riforma Fornero, 2012 and Job’s Act, 2015). Then, the good employment counselor, working with the utmost caution and diligence, should be able to inform, with maximum transparency and legality, its customers on all continents institutions at the employment relationship, conveying the idea that a work ethically assessable is still possible despite the widespread lawlessness and ruthless desire for profit companies, the real employement counselor is the one that balances efficiency and effectiveness of business management with the workers and employees protection principles. This is our Code of ethics!

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